Procedures For Investors

If you are an angel investor or venture capitalist looking to invest in business development, entrepreneurs, and startups in Mauritius, find information here on the procedure to follow so you can start making those vital connections!


First we need to establish a connection through the Contact Form. Submit your information as an angel investor/venture capitalist, and/or mentor. You can also send us an email via our general email address but it may take longer to follow up.


Once we have received your information, and your contact details are verified; we will proceed to the 2nd phase where we establish contact and conduct a small interview so we can establish a good and mutual understanding of yours and our objectives. You will be listed in our database which is visible to us only for a safe and smooth process.


By storing your information securely on our internal database, we can quickly connect you with entrepreneurs seeking investors or facilitate introductions to startups looking for funding. If you are an investor seeking entrepreneurs to invest in, we have a comprehensive database of fund seekers. Contact us to arrange a connection as we ensure both parties are comfortable with the match.

Sign up to be listed on our internal database and connect with entrepreneurs in Mauritius and Rodrigues seeking support from investors with finance and mentoring.


We provide innovative business and marketing solutions to support SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and now, franchisees.


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